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Welcome to Burgers Only! We’re Chris, Robert, and Vlad

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Double Patty + Cheese + Signature Burger Sauce + Crispy Onion + Bacon (Optional)


Single Patty + Cheese + One Hot‐Dog + Signature Burger Sauce + Mustard + Crispy Onions


Single Patty + Cheese + Signature Burger SauceSingle Patty + Cheese + Signature Burger Sauce


Double Patty + Avacado + Signature Burger Sauce + Fried Egg + Bacon + Cheese + Spinach + Pickled Onion + Relish


Welcome to Burgers Only! We’re Chris, Robert, and Vlad – the dynamic trio behind this delectable venture. With a shared passion for cooking and a burning desire to create something extraordinary, we embarked on this burger journey. Chris, the culinary enthusiast, constantly explores new horizons, infusing every creation with a touch of his wild imagination. Alongside him, Robert and Vlad contribute their unique expertise, forming a team that’s all about pushing boundaries.                         

Our foundation is simple yet robust: locally sourced beef, combined with Chris’s unbridled creativity, results in a menu that’s an explosion of flavors. We’re not just about cooking; we’re about crafting experiences that tantalize your taste buds and leave you craving more. At Burgers Only, innovation is our secret ingredient, and we’re thrilled to welcome you to a world where every bite tells a story of passion, friendship, and the art of the burger

Private Events: Bringing the Burger Experience to You!

Bring Us to You, Save Your Time & Call Us
Yes, you heard that right! At Burgers Only, we believe in making every event an unforgettable culinary experience. Can't make it to our place? No worries! We're more than happy to bring the burger goodness straight to your doorstep. Whether it's a corporate gathering, a birthday bash, a family reunion, or any special occasion, we've got you covered. Just pick up the phone and give us a call. Our dedicated team is ready to work closely with you to craft the perfect menu and set the stage for a mouthwatering event that will leave your guests raving.

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